Utah Independent Mortgage Broker and Loan Advocate

INDEPENDENT because I work with multiple wholesale lenders, and my loyalty is only to you as my client. When your bank or credit union says NO, I’ll find a lender that says YES.

LOAN ADVOCATE because a loan scenario documented the right way can mean the difference between an approval or a denial.

You can easily contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone or text message at 801-473-3154. I’m also on Facebook.

You can reach out regardless if you’re looking for a mortgage loan right away, or if you need to plan ahead a few months or a year. I’m also available for a second opinion/advice if you’re having issues with your current lender. I can help you structure your loan application, sort out which debt needs to be paid down/off based on your available funds, help you improve your credit score and pick the occasional fight with an underwriter.

Dana Anghel

About me

I enjoy playing sand volleyball, traveling, listening to audiobooks and taking cooking classes with friends. I own a cat, a dog, and a home with a yard big enough to build an additional dwelling unit (ADU) on it. Stay tuned for updates on that process, because I know a number of you have toyed with the idea of rental income from your primary residences.

I think homeownership is the stepping stone for building wealth and security, and i want it to be accessible to as many people as possible. I wrote the entire content on my website, and much of it is inspired by actual loan scenarios I’ve dealt with.

Enjoy browsing, and forgive the occasional bad links. I’m working on fixing them, as well as re-writing and updating content.

You will love working with me if you:

  • Prefer answers to sales pitches
  • Want some control over your mortgage loan, including choosing your own interest rate, and being consulted when the rate is locked in
  • Expect transparency when it comes to interest rates and closing costs
  • Prefer to support a local business over greedy/soulless big corporations

My Commitment To You

I don’t lose paperwork, and I don’t miss deadlines. I have yet to cause anyone to lose their earnest money, and I’ve rescued my fair share of deals where other lenders issued denial letters.

I focus on efficiency and cost reduction, and owning my own brokerage has allowed to do both these things. Most of my purchase loans can close in 2 weeks, and I’m better priced than a significant number of mortgage companies I’ve had a chance to compete against.

I also hold an active real estate license with Eleven11 RE and can offer guidance on purchase contracts and other real estate matters.

Low mortgage rates, fast closings and lots of knowledge. Apply now, or reach out using the contact info below. I’d love to hear from you

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