The Dreaded About Section…

I never thought I would work in finance.

I thought it was absolutely boring. I might have even used “soul-crushing” in the past.

Sometimes our career paths are incidental.  When we follow our natural abilities with an open mind, we might discover they fit perfectly in a field we never even dreamed of joining.

I moved to the U.S. from Romania in 2008 when I was 23 years old, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. My work experience outside of mortgages has all been related to customer service, and for a little while, I even toyed with the idea of going to law school (I can be a bit of a contracts nerd).

I followed a good friend’s advice and moved to Utah in 2013 to get into the mortgage business. Once I was licensed, I naively thought the business was about getting people into homes. It didn’t take me long to realize that mortgages are about one thing only: selling.

Borrowers put thousands of dollars down as earnest money, and spend hundreds more on inspections and appraisals. They trust their loan officer to know what they’re doing. They trust that the Pre-Qualification they receive is accurate, and that their mortgage loan will close on time.

Yet Pre-Qualifications are often issued based on incomplete information. Paperwork gets “lost”, and deadlines have to be extended. Borrowers sometimes lose out on their dream home. And the big mortgage companies could care less, because it’s just one loan in a pile of many others.

But what if that was MY loan..? This business practice was just not how I wanted to sleep at night

I had all these questions – surely there were other people out there that were wondering the same things.

So I started my website, learning while educating others. I made my share of mistakes here and there. I always took full responsibility, so I learned not only how to fix them, but also how to prevent and never repeat them again.

I asked all the questions I could think of, and learned things about other people’s jobs, not just mine. Processors, underwriters, title companies and real estate agents – I understand how they all fit into the big picture, and what they need from me to get their own jobs done.

I now have an efficient process in place. Even when working with lower credit scores, or difficult loan scenarios, there are no surprises. No bad ones anyway ????

Why work with me?

You will love working with me if you:

  • Want control over your mortgage loan (including when your interest rate gets locked)
  • Expect answers, not sales pitches
  • Prefer to work with someone local
  • Want the guarantee of the best interest rate

My Commitment To You

I don’t lose paperwork, and I don’t miss deadlines. I keep everyone updated. And I work for a brokerage that allows me complete freedom of the process. My files don’t wait in line on a processor’s desk, and I don’t need anyone’s permission to lock the interest rate.

I have full responsibility for getting things done, and I absolutely love it. And you will too. Because mortgage brokers do it better.

Oh, and I also speak “real estate agent.” You’d be surprised how handy it is!

As for a glimpse of my personal life…

I enjoy listening to audiobooks, and training my dog. I love traveling. I believe there is always more to learn, and things to improve, so I push myself regularly to get out of my comfort zone.

Ever took Flying Trapeze lessons?

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